Having a folding phone is amazing. Just think about the endless possibilities you have when you can fold your phone. It is the size of a tablet but can shrink to less than your typical smartphone size. In 2019 this kind of gadget will be all the rage.

First pictures of a folding phone

What we know so far about the folding phone

At the moment, we have just a few prototypes of the foldable phone. We have seen Samsung’s take on the hot piece of technology in their presentation this Winter in South Korea. But we also saw how this device is far from polished. Moreover the bezels have been extraordinarily thick – something smartphone lovers around the world don’t really appreciate.

Design von Xiaomi

We have also witnessed the rise of Xiaomi’s prototype in January. This time things looked a lot better. While nothing has been said about the price and the specs of the device, it seemed to be very close to perfection already. Just like the french blog about folding phones, smartphonepliablefrance.fr reportet: A vibrant and 4k screen, amazing speaker and full 5G support make it one of the most promising folding phones in 2019.

We will get a foldable phone as soon at it arrives in the stores

Remember when the first smartphones saw the light of day? It wasn’t exactly a smooth experience but in the end adoption rose quickly and soon the whole world was enjoying the perks of having a powerful computer in their pockets.

Apple made the first entry in the market with their original iPhone, quickly followed by the likes of Samsung Galaxy. Today we have a new iteration of ground breaking smartphones every day. The ones who owned the first smartphones became early adopters and shaped a movement of accessible mobile computer technology that is truly astonishing.

Samsung Folding Phone

The latest concept of a smartphone, the flexible folding phone, is close to it’s international release and while we cannot expect one in February, the Folding Phone Guy thinks, a release in late 2019 is more then likely. Think about it… how cool would it be to own one of these hot new devices with the sexiest form factor ever!

Everything you need to know before you buy a folding phone

The displays of the future will be at least 8 inch big. Although you can think of it as two screens, it is actually just one that can be bent. Once folded, the phone can be easily stowed in the pocket, just like a regular smartphone.

What we will get in the launch is unclear so far. We expect a galaxy fold or infinity flex foldable smartphone to bent for about 100.000 times before one can notice a visible decline in display quality.

First presentation of Samsung’s folding phone

Will the screen be OLED and 4k? We do not have clear data on that yet, but we expect it to be 4k. A reduced screen resolution would be seen as a technological step back and it for many smartphone enthusiasts, it would be quite off-putting. We see 4k displays in folding phones on the horizon.

The first manufacturer of a mass market foldable phone will likely be Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi. These Companies seem to be the most advanced in terms of technology and especially the development of foldable screen technology.